The market needs your solution. Use our expertise to drive adoption.

B2B advertising & marketing technologies face a crowded (and growing) market. From multichannel messaging tools to inbound marketing platforms to CRM portals, there are more systems in the space than ever – making it difficult to communicate the unique value of a new solution. A trusted agency partner can help.

ThinkInk knows how to differentiate our clients’ SaaS or enterprise offerings from the competition and earn them the high-impact media attention needed to cultivate more targeted leads and drive better sales performance.

Many kinds of technology-focused advertising and marketing companies can benefit from partnering with ThinkInk, including:

  • Email marketing portals and other messaging systems
  • Inbound marketing and sales platforms and digital marketing companies
  • Lead scoring and lead nurturing solutions
  • App marketing or discovery companies
  • Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and ‘peer-to-peer’ platforms
  • Social media networking sites