PR, marketing & messaging that drives program adoption and performance.

Technology and changing consumer preferences are reshaping the world of loyalty marketing – yet many stakeholders in the sector are failing to adapt their programs and strategies to garner publicity or meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. At ThinkInk, we keep our loyalty clients ahead of the curve.

We help many loyalty-related B2B clients deploy smart media pitches, insightful thought leadership, and custom blog content to communicate the value of their programs and solutions. The result: high-impact press coverage that drives new client/partner acquisition and program adoption.

Many kinds of technology-focused companies serving the loyalty marketing sector can benefit from partnering with ThinkInk, including:

  • Rewards management and points-tracking solutions
  • Member acquisition, social-media promotion, and referral marketing platforms
  • CRM portals and direct marketing networks
  • Data integration tools
  • Loyalty analytics systems
  • Coalition programs and relationship marketing firms