Much more than a PR firm – we’re a business partner in your success.

Business. It’s at the heart of everything we do – including PR. At ThinkInk, we develop business-focused communications strategies that help companies, whether they’re in startup mode or publicly-traded, become highly visible and successful market leaders.

Want to create awareness of your company in new markets or drive more in existing ones? Launch thought leadership campaigns that educate prospective buyers and generate new leads? Integrate your PR strategy so it supports your business, sales and marketing goals? We do all of that. From developing messaging and content marketing campaigns, to connecting our clients with prospects, influencers and media, we do everything to help our clients communicate their value to the marketplace and grow their businesses.


We solve real business problems.

We specialize in executing intelligent, industry-specific campaigns that lead to real business results, not just media impressions or other vanity metrics. We deliver the resources needed to tell our clients’ stories to the audiences that matter most and leverage our media contacts and industry expertise to earn as much value for our clients as possible – whether that’s through public relations, analyst coverage, speaking engagements or new business introductions.


Technology is at the core of all companies we represent.

As a specialist agency, we serve high-growth companies and the technologies that drive them across the advertising, airline, loyalty, mobile, payments and travel sectors. Find out more about our expertise in your industry below.

We speak your language. Business and technology.

We have in-house thought leaders in each of the above sectors who provide insights, best practices and counsel to clients in their respective industries.  That’s why ThinkInk is recognized for developing  impactful  communications and PR strategies that deliver results – the kinds of business results that generalist agencies simply can’t achieve.


Looking for traditional PR? We might not be for you.

Unlike traditional PR firms, we don’t try to be all things to every prospective client. Because we specialize in business-to-business engagements, we’re not for every company. We do serve companies around the globe, but only within those industries in which we have deep knowledge, expertise, and connections. Our sector-specific approach ensures that we understand our clients’ needs and challenges as industry insiders, not just PR people.


We’re very proud of the company we keep.

Many of our clients are considered category disruptors and pioneers in their field. Meet a few of them here: