Achieve top-line growth with ThinkInk as your strategic communications partner.  

We’re not just another agency – we are your communications partner.  
Aviation. Fintech. Loyalty. Retail. Travel. The industries we work across are nuanced and highly specialized. 

Unlike general agencies, we don’t need to waste time getting up to speed on your industry and its inner workings – that’s what we’ve been doing for the last two decades as leading B2B communications strategists.   
Instead, we take the time to understand your business and its needs, integrating ourselves into your product, marketing, and sales teams to become a critical part of your organization. 

 Armed with a thorough understanding of your industry, market, target audience, and pain points, we develop a comprehensive strategy to support business objectives with a clear, refined value proposition and impactful, results-driven messaging. 

Like you, we’re focused on driving your business forward. From PR and media relations, to conferences and events, through to social media marketing, SEO, lead generation, sales enablement, and everything in between, we control the buyer experience to drive measurable results and top-line business growth. 

 Because isn’t that what really matters? 

Today, we’re recognized globally for our industry-specific communications’ strategies that deliver the results you demand, driving real growth for your business. And we can prove it. 

We speak your language. Business and technology.

We have in-house thought leaders in each of the above sectors who provide insights, best practices and counsel to clients in their respective industries.  That’s why ThinkInk is recognized for developing  impactful  communications and PR strategies that deliver results – the kinds of business results that generalist agencies simply can’t achieve.


Looking for traditional PR? We might not be for you.

Unlike traditional PR firms, we don’t try to be all things to every prospective client. Because we specialize in business-to-business engagements, we’re not for every company. We do serve companies around the globe, but only within those industries in which we have deep knowledge, expertise, and connections. Our sector-specific approach ensures that we understand our clients’ needs and challenges as industry insiders, not just PR people.


We’re very proud of the company we keep.

Many of our clients are considered category disruptors and pioneers in their field. Meet a few of them here: