Technology companies need PR partners who understand their industry.

Companies hire us not only for our PR skills and media relationships, but also because of our deep industry specialization. We work only with companies that are either producers of technologies serving the following industries – or the industry players themselves. We have advisors in each of these sectors who can provide insights, share best practices, and provide knowledge based on years of industry experience.


As airlines face shrinking margins, more competition from LCCs, and massive disruption to traditional business and revenue models, new technology platforms and providers serving the airline and passenger travel industries have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the future of air travel: How airlines generate new revenues, the ways in which airlines interact with travelers, and the ways in which passengers experience new airline services.

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Today’s travel and hospitality sector is drastically different to a decade or even five years ago. Like the airline sector, it has been challenged by new business models, like the “sharing economy,” serving a new traveler demographic – one that was raised on technology, the mobilization of nearly every travel touchpoint, and the vast amounts of traveler and guest data being generated by mobile devices.

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Sophisticated payments solutions need a smart PR & marketing partner.

The world of payments involves complicated technologies and strict compliance guidelines, but ThinkInk understands the complexity. We craft and execute smart publicity and promotions efforts to complement the technical value of our clients’ solutions with targeted B2B marketing and PR.

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Put your solution in people's hands, then let us help you maximize the value.

As use of mobile devices – for purposes both personal and professional – continues to grow exponentially around the globe, there is huge market potential for B2B companies in the mobile technology space… but only if they invest in smart marketing and PR to bolster brand awareness.

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PR, marketing & messaging that drives program adoption and performance.

Technology and changing consumer preferences are reshaping the world of loyalty marketing – yet many stakeholders in the sector are failing to adapt their programs and strategies to garner publicity or meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. At ThinkInk, we keep our loyalty clients ahead of the curve.

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The market needs your solution. Use our expertise to drive adoption.

B2B advertising & marketing technologies face a crowded (and growing) market. From multichannel messaging tools to inbound marketing platforms to CRM portals, there are more systems in the space than ever – making it difficult to communicate the unique value of a new solution. A trusted agency partner can help.

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