Today’s travel and hospitality sector is drastically different to a decade or even five years ago. Like the airline sector, it has been challenged by new business models, like the “sharing economy,” serving a new traveler demographic – one that was raised on technology, the mobilization of nearly every travel touchpoint, and the vast amounts of traveler and guest data being generated by mobile devices.

Having worked with travel technology and hospitality companies since 2006, our agency is intimately familiar with the challenges and opportunities important throughout the travel industry: ancillary revenue generation, online customer acquisition, competition from OTAs and metasearch engines, traveler and guest loyalty programs (and their liabilities), changing revenue and yield management models, mobile payment complexities, distribution models, new industry standards, and the constantly evolving guest and passenger experience expectations.

We have long-standing relationships with travel trade associations and conference organizers, frequently working with them to shape agendas, arrange strategic speaking sessions for our clients, and participate in workgroups and overall industry education. We also write for trade publications, attend and speak at industry conferences, and have built solid relationships for our clients with business and trade media outlets covering technology trends and innovations within the travel and hospitality sectors across the globe.

Does your company sell technology solutions to hotels, tour operators, airports or travel providers? Our experience within this sector includes the following:

  • Booking engines
  • Dynamic pricing engines
  • Guest experience and management tools
  • Loyalty and rewards platforms
  • Revenue management software
  • ‘Smart hotel’ technology providers

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