Buzzword Bingo is Back! COVID-19 Edition

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Buzzword Bingo is Back! COVID-19 Edition

Aug 07, 2020 / By Sydney Anderson


Anyone else feel like Sara? It seems that we keep hearing “unprecedented” everywhere; in the news, on social media and even throughout work emails. So it’s no shocker that we keep putting it into our marketing messaging.

But ya know what? I think we’re all a little sick of hearing it. And I’m sure there’s a whole slew of words you’re tired of hearing right now.

That’s why, I thought it’d be fun to do a new edition of our buzzword bingo game!

So grab your card, and the next time you’re sitting in on a call, watching a webinar, or even just reading an email, cross off the buzzwords you see and proudly scream BULL$#!T!



Quite possibly the most overused of them all, unprecedented has been used an unprecedented amount of times in last few months. In fact, searches for this word and its definition has increased tremendously since March and beyond! So, let’s just all avoid the broken record, and leave this out of our ads, emails, and general day-to-day conversation.

UnprecedentedSEMRushDataSource: SEMrush; data as of August 3, 2020.


The new normal

Of course there is truth to this phrase, I think we’re all tired of it. We all know nothing is the same and most likely won’t be the same. We see this in our everyday lives from work, home, and everything in-between. Do us all a favor and avoid overdoing this phrase in your marketing messaging.


“Challenging/difficult/any synonym” times

Well that feels like the understatement of the century (and it just started!). We all know this is challenging. With layoffs, budget cuts, closures, and fear for health and general wellness, everyone is facing something difficult. But I assure you, pointing that out won’t make your target audience find your solution any more appealing.


We’re here for you

In some ways it may be true… but your new or potential customers don’t want to just hear a blanket response like this. Focus on account-based marketing (ABM) and genuinely provide the solutions they’re looking for.



I listened to a 30 minute webinar the other day on How B2Bs Can Continue Selling in a COVID-19 World. Although it was a great listen, they used the word pivot some many times, I lost count. Thankfully, the talented group recognized this, and it soon became a joke. But it just goes to show how easily these buzzwords can sneak into our vernacular. Let’s just all stop quoting Ross from Friends, and leave pivot for the sitcoms.



Better together

Although the sentiment is nice, overall, this phrase has just been used too much. It seems to be in every hashtag, tagline, song verse, and salutation that exists right now. I think we all know that we’re better together; you can share the message without using the buzzword.


Ignoring COVID altogether

We’ve all seen the ads. Heck, we may have even created some in the beginning. They blissfully ignore that there’s anything going on. The sun is shining. People are carefree. The general tone is light. I’m not saying we need to be doom and gloom, but we can’t stick out heads in the sand either. Lead with empathy and focus on customer-centric messages. Cater your next email or blog post to your target audience and truly help them navigate through the murky water; not just forget that it even exists.


Avoiding the cliché

This time can be difficult to navigate, and no one knows what might come next. We may have even made some of these buzzword mistakes in our marketing efforts. But all we can do now is grow, learn, and avoid the cliché.

Just remember to be authentic and relatable with your message. Avoid these tempting buzzwords and explain these messages in your own words. Your customers want to hear what your company has to say and not just what you can regurgitate.


Empathy + Authenticity - Buzzwords = Excellent messaging through the pandemic and beyond.

So, what do you think? Anything buzzwords we missed that you're tired of hearing? Share yours with us on LinkedIn or tell us on Twitter @MeetThinkInk!


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