Speaking a Common Business Language in Travel for B2B Visibility

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Speaking a Common Business Language in Travel for B2B Visibility

Sep 06, 2018 / By Vanessa Horwell

As a B2B PR firm working with travel technology companies, our agency has been shaped by the evolving needs of the travel industry and the innovative solutions of our clients. These solutions have ranged from dynamic booking engines to mobile payment solutions and platforms for loyalty and ecommerce – and who knows what’s next?

But rarely do our clients come to us knowing clearly what we can do for them. They may know we specialize in their industry (travel technology), and with that common “DNA” we can start to understand each other beyond the press release. Yes, ThinkInk speaks the language of travel and PR, but more importantly we speak the language of business, the same language that your buyers are speaking.

B2B Visibility for the Travel Sector

Our agency specializes in getting travel technology companies in front of the right trade and media audiences to help drive more leads, new sales and smarter marketing. This is called B2B visibility and it’s what we do best. We take an integrated approach that spans traditional PR, sales enablement and digital and content marketing, including search engine marketing (SEM, SEO, SEA) and transparent metrics reporting (leads, downloads, impressions).

Lately, we’ve sensed that nearly all travel technology companies are in a holding pattern or state of transition. As travel changes so rapidly – just look at all the new construction happening at airports – many technology companies are re-thinking their brand and product messaging and how they position their larger strategies. Many are completely revising their product roadmap to speak to new opportunities such as ‘connected’ travel, mobility as a service (MaaS), ancillary merchandising and even blockchain technology.

In our latest eBook, we discuss three travel technology clients we have helped become more visible as thought leaders in their sectors, develop the right content strategy and build the right messaging framework to support their sales cycle. B2B visibility is not just about buzzwords and press releases, it’s about generating more leads, prospects, sales, and ultimately, earning your customer’s loyalty.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss how ThinkInk can boost your travel technology company’s B2B visibility and bottom line. In the meantime, enjoy another blog on why PR agency clients need more BD, less BS.

Vanessa Horwell

Vanessa Horwell
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