JUL 7, 2017


The airline industry — and the companies that depend on it —
has a consumer problem, and it’s not going to solve itself.

The 2017 Airline Industry Brief walks you through…

  • The history of the problem
  • why it’s at a boiling point
  • how to turn things around right now with changes in culture and technology

How did things get so bad? Our brief will help readers understand why lower fares and  more routes are only a band-aid for a broken airline industry. Legacy thinking — and legacy IT systems — create angry consumers instead of loyal customers.

Want Proof

Want Proof?

We can give it down to the day.

April 9, 2017 — when a paying passenger was selected by United Airlines and violently dragged off an overbooked flight by airport police to make room for four of the airline’s employees.

You’ve probably read about it.

The Tipping Point

This was a tipping point — not just for air travelers but consumers of any kind — who unleashed the full force of their power on social media and put the airlines on notice — treat us like customers, not cattle; like people, not just passengers.

Download your copy of Disruption and Turbulence Across the Airline Sector

Get an inside look at a defining moment in an industry that literally moves the economy and the world — for the real story on its problems, possibilities, and process for change…

  • Putting a price tag on inaction
  • Branding in a bottom-line industry
  • Transforming technology and ecommerce

By 2021, IATA (the International Air Transport Association) projects travel as the world’s largest ecommerce category, led by airline ticket sales. What the airlines do — or don’t do — today will determine their place in 2021 and beyond.

Innovation and Changes

So what’s needed to drive innovation and change across the airline industry?

Our airline industry brief, Disruption and Turbulence Across the Airline Sector, is a manifesto for strategic change over status quo.

Download the brief to find out how we’re envisioning a different future for the airline industry – and discover how your company can fit into that story.