Loyalty Wallet Whitepaper


Loyalty Wallet Whitepaper

Feb 15, 2014 / By Vanessa Horwell

Marketing in the digital age is constantly evolving as the industry continues to refine its techniques and searches out new ways to help brands resonate with customers. The loyalty industry in particular was marked by one constant in 2013: change. Changes in
consumer needs, technology, and analytics—just to name a few—made it a year full of ups and downs for loyalty programs.
Colloquy’s 2013 Loyalty Census found a 26.7% increase in loyalty program membership between 2010 and 2012, but also a 4.3% drop in active memberships during the same period. And Forrester Research’s “The State of Loyalty Programs 2013” concluded that only 35% of loyalty program members were redeeming rewards.

A successful loyalty program not only has to maintain and grow membership levels, but also increase member engagement, incentivize
customers, and deliver value to consumers while encouraging their loyalty, all while making a profit.

Here are six current marketing trends that can help loyalty programs become more engaging in 2014.

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Vanessa Horwell

Vanessa Horwell
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