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GuestLogix, Inc., a Case Study

Jan 26, 2016
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GuestLogix, Inc., a Canadian publicly traded company and provider of onboard retailing technology and merchandising solutions for airlines and the passenger travel industry, has worked with ThinkInk as its trusted business communications partner since 2010. Find out how we've helped GuestLogix create custom industry reports, secure 40+ speaking engagements, raise its media profile across the globe, and earn nearly 1 billion media impressions totaling over $3.5M in ad value.

"There are Public Relations Agencies and then there is ThinkInk PR. The ThinkInk team has consistently proven that they have taken PR to new levels and have achieved set objectives far superior to any other firm we could have opted to partner with. GuestLogix first reached out to ThinkInk in order to achieve greater visibility both from a B2B and from an investment community perspective. Their connectivity within the travel, retail and technology sectors, paired with their innate ability to translate our story to a myriad of audience types, has become vital to our daily business operations. Both in trade media as well as in large profile consumer media, they have increased our company’s visibility well beyond what we would have achieved on our own." Dan Thompson, SVP Global Strategy & Investor Relations, GuestLogix

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