My First Week at ThinkInk: Three Practical Lessons I Learned


My First Week at ThinkInk: Three Practical Lessons I Learned

Jul 08, 2022 / By Enzo Carletti

ThinkInk has welcomed me to their stellar remote team with open arms. The past week was a whirlwind of kind intros, great conversations, and big ideas.  

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Vanessa Horwell, has asked me to jot down my learnings as a new hire. I've jumped at the chance. 

Here are three practical lessons from my deep dive into media relations at ThinkInk: 


1) Loves the Process 

Every organization is different. This knowledge is drilled into every freelancer, new PR hire, and in-house public relations counsel.  

Good organizations have a mission and vision, sure. Great ones, however, put a process to their onboarding so that new hires can feel safe. Right away, I saw the walk to the talk. I jumped into well-defined internal processes that helped me get oriented - despite the ambitious size of our projects.  

I have access to training videos, clear and concise strategy plans, and detailed histories on ThinkInk’s media relations. All that access and planning make a HUGE difference. 

Company culture is one of those ethereal concepts that you can't pin down till you've worked in a bunch of places. It's the stuff you learn to spot in locker rooms and boardrooms. The company value I spotted this week is called stewardship. 

All those training materials were prepared by people who care. Jeremy put together a suite of videos. Meghan laid out every important document. Damian and I talked about the different hats he wore to keep operations up. Heather trusted me to jump right into projects and take charge. They're all stewards in their roles and helpful as can be. 

It’s clear that over many years of business, the ThinkInk team has put together a culture and processes that work. It’s something they trust and something they continue to refine (like all good processes!).  

I can take a breath knowing there are clear strategies and objectives driving our work. Instead of sweeping together a process, I’ve quickly found my footing. I’m able to run towards shared goals.  


2) Be a Long-Term Partner  

I loved my first conversations with Vanessa Horwell. Over seventeen years and one pandemic, she’s navigated volatile markets successfully. 

In the business world, many companies adopt a scale-at-all-costs approach. It’s something I’ve even fallen victim to in my own career. How refreshing it was then to hear Vanessa’s thoughts on agency sales.  

Vanessa focuses on long-term communications partnerships. This is atypical in an industry that is sometimes critiqued for sales-heavy tactics and revolving door clientele. 

As partners with our clients, we’re able to drive sustainable and long-term business growth. This mindset allows the sales team to close the right accounts sustainably, which gives ThinkInk a clear advantage.  

We’re specialists with proven, consistent, long-term results. These results compound the longer a partnership is nurtured. 


3) Don’t Let Bias About Microsoft Teams Hold You Back 

I follow a lot of Silicon Valley types on Twitter. Wow, do they ever like to bash Microsoft Teams!

With scathing reviews as my only real context, seeing Microsoft Teams invites sent a cold chill down my spine. I wasn’t ready to accept a new suite of apps.  

Luckily - my concerns were ill-informed. In fact, I’m loving the OneNote app.  

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve learned to stop worrying and love our internal tech stack. In the freelance world, you must get scrappy about resources and access to software. Now I feel like a kid in a candy store.  

I have access to standard industry software and some new technology that makes my job easier. It’s a suite of software that is so fun that I'm going to jump back into it now! 

For more information on the ThinkInk team, follow us on Linkedin. 

Enzo Carletti

Enzo Carletti
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